Web developer with a focus on client-server optimization and testing websites and applications

I create and develop light-weight sites and highload systems, which strongly demonstrate their mission. Their architecture is scalable and reliable; interfaces and navigation are clear and easy to use. Being a reliable link between clients and contractors, I work on projects on turnkey basis as well as at any stage of their life cycle. If necessary, I use external expertise (designers, web designers, SEO-specialists, etc.), and this is to be talked about separately. I provide support for both new and existing sites and applications. Regardless of the size and complexity of the site or application, I consider it is necessary to maintain the simplicity and transparency at all stages of the project - in the code, documentation, tasks (assignments).


Actual solutions of the assigned tasks aimed at most effective result

I work honestly and transparently. I respond as quickly as possible, and I am available 24 / 7. I am interested in long term cooperation. I specify beforehand the duration of the project, taking into the consideration of potential risks. I prefer to get coherent demands, instructions and wishes from the customer. I will always help to convert it into clear technical design specification and will offer options that are acceptable to the customer. There will be no overpayment for the brand, rent, or painting the walls, a secretary or other indirect costs - only real prices for the rendered services; also there will be no «voodoo" with the prices – as I provide the customer with the detailed appraisal including justified working hours. I use project management tools, which allow me to monitor the dynamics of the project more flexibly and quickly interact on the issues on the agenda. We may execute the contract for an Individual or Individual Entrepreneur.


MSU CMC diploma and 7 years experience of designing, developing and testing websites and applications

My professional journey began with the part-time work, and then I had a regular full time job for web studios as a web developer of the sites and intranet-systems, and at the same time I had released about a dozen PC-Related articles for magazines of the publishing house Vogel Burda Communications. Being a tester in the group of companies CBOSS, I successfully worked on projects for corporate clients such as Wataniya Mobile, MVNECo, "NAC", Orange Armenia and others. I have done series of projects for the marketing agency “Action”, and I was the first architect and developer of Thankyou.ru. Later I was promoted to be a CTO of the portal. Being very keen on constant improving of my professional skills I always keep in touch with my colleagues. I am an habitu? of DevConf, RIW and Highload conferences.

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